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Footsteps Nursery Leighton Buzzard is a Family owned 'home from home' day nursery for children from birth to 8 yrs. We aim to provide excellent standards of childcare in a stimulating yet safe and homely environment. Our fabulous team of professional staff work hard to provide quality care for individual children with individual needs.




Scarlett, Flynn and Noah, Pre-School 2014-15


about us

Footsteps is a family run children's day nursery, preschool and out of school club based in Leighton Buzzard. We believe that learning starts the day we are born. We use a range of educational philosophies, (such as Montessori, Rudolf Steiner, Vygotsky, Reggio Emilia etc), to implement the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum at Footsteps. Our aim is for the Footsteps children to benefit from our holistic approach to childcare and education so that they are fully prepared for starting, (or continuing), school.

Our staff are experienced, well trained and many of them are parents themselves and bring their own children to Footsteps!

At Footsteps we try to emulate what is happening at home. If you are potty training your child, cutting out their afternoon nap, or removing their dummy for part of the day, we will work alongside you to encourage your child to do likewise at nursery.

food & drink
We believe that healthy, interesting, nutritious meals are of fundamental importance. All of our food is freshly prepared and cooked in our own kitchens on a daily basis. Meals can include morning snack, lunch, tea, afternoon snack and dinner depending on the package you have booked. Our menus are nutritionally balanced and are based on a 3 week rotational menu. Special dietary requirements are catered for depending on your child's needs. We have been awarded Food Hygiene Rating 5 = Very Good.

Children may have breast milk, formula milk, fresh milk or water to drink. We serve milk according to the timetable you dictate and we adapt this on a regular basis as your child develops. If you are breastfeeding, there is no need to give up if you don’t want to. We can give your child your fresh or frozen breast milk, supplied by you. Older children have access to drinking water at all times. Each child has a beaker with their name and photo on it which is stored at child height.

the garden
We are very proud of our garden at Footsteps Nursery and believe that the best place for children to play is outside whatever the weather. We have a kitchen garden in which the children help to grow vegetables and a summer pavilion where we can gather to learn and read stories or just have some quiet time. There are all manner of other fun activities for the children to do in our garden whether it be monkeying around in our climbing area, using the swing or the scooters or just running around on our large lawn. And for those children who love animals we have our nursery rabbits, Toffee and Caramel, to nurture and care for. There is always something to do in the garden at Footsteps!

the nursery

A nursery is an important part of the community and we believe it is paramount that the children have the opportunity to interact with the people around them. We have regular visits to the library, the park, town market, narrow gauge railway and in the heat of the summer we head to the water park to cool off! Each Christmas we visit one of the local elderly care homes bringing festive cheer to the residents with songs and and a hamper of goodies. It brings a great deal of happiness and laughter to all and the children have a wonderful day.

meet the team
We are proud to have a wonderfully caring and experienced thirteen strong team who are dedicated in the care, education and support of your child. Our team is headed up by:

Kelly who has been our manager since 2006 and has been at the nursery since 1997. Kelly is currently L,evel 3 Qualified but is progressing well with her Level 5 Qualified training. Kelly has a special interest in helping children through the many transitions they make through their young lives.

Clare has been one of our deputy managers since 2006 and has also been at the nursery since 1997. Clare is Level 3 Qualified and is proud to have started her own children's learning journey at Footsteps & her area of excellence is in caring for young babies.

indoor learning
Footsteps will continue, as much as possible, with the routine that you have with your baby at home, being cared for with love and attention in a caring environment. The baby room has a stimulating and peaceful atmosphere atmosphere with your baby's imagination being stimulated by colourful displays, toys, mobiles and music.

In Toddlers your child will be encouraged to make choices that will enable them to develop their own personality. The equipment and toys provided for this age group are more challenging to further encourage your child to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. The children will enjoy construction toys, music and movement, stories, arts & crafts, baking and free play. Staff will help children to learn basic social skills, which are developed naturally within the nursery environment through sharing and participating in groups, taking turns, remembering manners and considering others.

The room is divided up into areas of learning; book corner, laptop table, maths, mark making, art & craft , topic displays, cafe and small world play. We provide a learning environment where children are encouraged to co-operate with others, develop early literacy and numeracy skills and develop their social skills. The children will be encouraged to look after their belongings, put on their own coats, tidy up for themselves and learn how to be resilient and resourceful. Children will gain knowledge of the world by celebrating cultural festivals and learning about different countries and they will be encouraged to learn about the environment around them.

outdoor learning
We believe passionately in the power of outdoor learning. Taking the indoors outdoors develops a positive attitude towards learning, making it fun, motivating and exciting. All the children play and learn in the nursery garden as much as time and weather will allow. On the occasions when all the children are outside, including the babies, a family environment is created where everyone is having fun, socialising, learning, exploring and playing. If activities are more differentiated such as gardening, learning ball skills, races or science investigations, children will use the garden in smaller ability related groups. We have a spacious garden with planting and orchard areas and a pets corner. Our nursery garden has a wood-chip area, road track, wild area, climbing area, covered area, patio and creative area. The children love being outside whatever the weather.

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Call us: 01525 375679
Call us: 01525 375679
Call us: 01525 375679

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01525 375679
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